Why Parkhurst?

With a legacy of American manufacturing pride, new forward-thinking leadership and innovative new products and features, the Next Generation of Parkhurst Manufacturing brings you high-quality truck bodies with exceptional customer service. Since 1946, we’ve been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty truck equipment, offered at an affordable price.

“Since the beginning, we’ve cared about quality. We build work truck bodies that last. We sleep very well at night because we over-build our platform truck bodies, and that’s just the way it is.”
Sam Trelow, President

We’ve been in business for 75 years because we treat people right. Our customers love the fact that they can call us on the phone and immediately talk to one of our owners. No nonsense, no run-around, just good old-fashioned customer service.

“Our customers like that they can call us with custom specs for a truck body and they know they’ll be right when they get them. It’s one of the many value-added services we provide that make our customers’ jobs easier.”
Toby Pierce, VP of Sales

Truck Bodies for Almost Any Industry

Whether you need a utility truck body, platform truck bed with stake racks, landscape truck body or another heavy-duty truck bed, it’s likely that we’ve got a high-performing, hard-working truck body to meet your needs.

Commercial, Contractor and Construction Truck Bodies

Whether you’re looking for a durable commercial truck bed, a versatile contractor truck bed, or a dependable construction truck bed, we’ve got a platform body with a long list of options to meet your needs.

Custom Rancher Special Platform Truck Body

Electrician, Plumbing and HVAC Truck Bodies

For the hard-working mechanical customers, we have electrician truck beds, plumbing truck beds and HVAC truck beds. These durable and dependable platform bodies will provide many years of trouble-free service.

Stake Rack body

Truck Bodies for Lumber, Pipe and Steel

When you need to haul lumber, pipe or steel, you need a heavy-duty platform body built for the most demanding working conditions. Our lumber truck beds, truck beds for pipe and truck beds for steel paired with a heavy-duty bulkhead rack can handle most any hauling job with ease.

Grain, Farm and Ag Truck Bodies

Built to last for your customers working day-in and day-out to feed our world, our stake-type grain truck body for our Next Generation Toughline platform bodies are highly functional, easy to use and easy to remove. This truck bed for grain can bring flexibility and durability to any operation. This ag truck body is a must-have piece of grain hauling equipment and the farm truck body is well-suited for many types of product hauling needs.

Grain Rack

Ranch Truck Body

Ready to work long days across fields and down the road, our ranch truck beds embody the spirit of the American farmer with strength, grit and pride. This functional and economical ranch truck body is ready to dig in and get the job done.

Rach Truck Body

Lawn Care, Landscape and Gravel Truck Bodies

Our high-quality lawn care truck bodies will help your landscaping customers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Need a truck bed for gravel, mulch or grass clippings? Look no further than the Parkhurst landscape rack. With an innovative new dovetail landscape truck body and our tried and true stake-type landscape rack for our Next Generation Tougline platform, your landscape industry customers will appreciate the functionality and versatility of our lawn care truck beds.

Dovetail Landscape Body

Need a Truck Body?

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