Stake Rack Truck Bodies


Parkhurst Stake Rack truck bodies are easy-to-use,‭ ‬tough and durable.‭  ‬They provide easy loading and secure hauling for all your commodity transportation needs.‭  ‬The Stake Racks are extremely versatile and used in a variety of applications and industries,‭ ‬including plumbing supplies, hardware,‭ ‬lumber,‭ ‬and heating and cooling—just to name a few.

Complete with side racks,‭ ‬rear racks,‭ ‬and a front bulkhead with a full-width screen window,‭ our Stake Rack truck beds are available with steel or wood slats and in‭ ‬30‭”‬,‭ ‬40‭” ‬or‭ ‬50‭” ‬heights.‭  ‬Rear and center swing gates are standard and include heavy-duty spring-loaded latches,‭ ‬the combination will provide years of trouble-free service.

Since‭ ‬1946,‭ ‬Parkhurst has been designing and manufacturing the best truck equipment in the world.‭  ‬Parkhurst products offer dependability and quality at a fair price.

Stake Rack Spec Sheet

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