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When you’ve been around since 1946, chances are that you are doing something right. We like to do business by looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand. This old-school approach has served us well throughout the years and we’re not going to change that now.

Another constant has been the legendary Parkhurst quality. Some might say we overbuild our truck bodies, but growing up in rural America has taught us that equipment takes a beating. We build our truck bodies to last, day after day, month after month and year after year.

Don’t take out word for it. Recently, we contacted customers across the country and asked them to give honest feedback about Parkhurst products. One reason was to see if we could improve our products. The other was to ask if we are easy to deal with. As we said, don’t take our word for it.


“Our business is built on honor, we give our word and so do they.”

“We had a different supplier before choosing Parkhurst. I wish we would have made the change to Parkhurst years before we did.”

Tom S.

“They welcome challenges and opportunities to help, from the President to the welders”

“We do a lot of custom beds. They make it so easy to request modifications.”

Todd P.

“When you compare iron-to-iron, the competition doesn’t hold up.”

“A lot of our customers work in ag and construction and they beat the daylights out of Parkhurst products.”

Mike K.

“Good partners”

“Talking to them feels like family.”

Jay K.

“They do exactly what they say they will do.”

“Sam has always made things right.”

Dean K.

“Refreshing to deal with. They are honest and always get back to you.”

“They treat me better than any big company.”

Dan R.

“Their understructure is unmatched in the business. “

“Many truck manufacturers employ a cookie-cutter approach to building bodies. Parkhurst bodies are much tougher and much nicer.”

Michael P.

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