Stakeless Grain Rack Truck Bodies

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The high-quality Parkhurst Stakeless Grain Bodies are built to withstand the toughest conditions for years of grain hauling.‭  

These grain bodies are manufactured with a heavy gauge tubing top rail and one-piece corrugated panels for a smooth,‭ ‬clean flow design to provide complete and easy cleanout of all materials.‭  ‬The Stakeless Grain Bodies lengths stretch from‭ ‬16‭’ ‬up to‭ ‬24‭’ ‬and are available in‭ ‬52‭” ‬or‭ ‬62‭” ‬heights.‭  ‬You can choose between triple and double rear doors with one,‭ ‬two,‭ ‬or three metering gates.‭  ‬A swing out header bar allows forklift access for hauling bagged/skidded material.

Since‭ ‬1946,‭ ‬Parkhurst has been designing and manufacturing the best truck equipment in the world.‭  ‬Parkhurst products offer dependability and quality at a fair price.

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