Parkhurst Bale Unroller


Why Get the Parkhurst Round Bale Unroller?


But, let’s break it down:

  1. Feeding animals with round bales of hay can be rough on the field because the large bale is usually being placed in the same place every time. With a bale unroller, you can move and unroll large round bales in different areas preventing damage to the grass which SAVES YOU MONEY.
  2. When you can keep animals from crowding the feeding area, it helps to make the hay go farther by not allowing the animals to trample the hay into the dirt and wasting valuable feed which SAVES YOU MONEY.
  3. Unrolling your hay will give your calves a place to lay out of the way so they don’t get stomped on or trampled which SAVES YOU MONEY.
  4. Any chore that can be done easier so it gets you on to the next job that needs to be done quicker saves you time. And we all know time is money so saving time SAVES YOU MONEY.
  5. And there’s FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the contiguous 48 states which, that’s right, SAVES YOU MONEY.

But why a Parkhurst Bale Unroller?

We’ve been manufacturing agricultural equipment since 1946. We know how to build things for use on the farm — we overbuild ‘em. Our 3 point bale unrollers are heavy-duty to give you years work, but should the need arise they’re easy to service with factory-made replacement parts. Oh, which SAVES YOU MONEY!

Watch the video as Sam shows you the craftsmanship and quality that goes into every bale unroller we make. Then CLICK HERE and order yours TODAY!

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