Landscape Racks

Landscape_BodyLandscape Racks installed on the strong Toughline platform is a premier bulk hauler. Proven grain racks adapted to the landscape application. See the versatile dump through rear gate option.






Landscape Rack Specifications
8 ft. thru 24 ft.
42” and 52”
Interior Dimensions:
6” less than length and width
Sides and Front:
42” = 16 Ga.  52” = 14 Ga.
Roll formed with integral tarp rail for strength and rigidity.
Stakes are 14 ga. With 12 ga. Liner/reinforcement. 
Anti-spread chains and kee brace gusset included.
Side Door:
14 ga. Door panel with 2” x 14 ga. Square tubing frame,
heavy-duty hinges, doorstops, handle, and spring loaded
door latch.  Opening is 47 ½” x full height.
Rear Door:
Double opening doors with 14 ga. Door panel,
2” x 14 ga. Square tubing frame, heavy duty hinges,
spring loaded door latches and hold back chains.
Opening is 89” x full height.  Weld on corner post are
3” x 11 ga. Square tubing with 3/16” platform corner
Optional Rear:
14” high three-way contractor tailgate with heavy-duty
hardware and spreader chains.  Double rear gate, 14 ga.
door panel with 1” x 2” x 14 ga. Tubing frame, heavy-duty
hinges, spring loaded door latch and hold back chains.  Weld
corner posts are 3” x 11 ga. Square tubing with 3/16” platform
Optional Cab Shield:
Formed 12 ga. Material,
1/4 = 12”  1/3 = 18”  ½ = 24”

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