Hoist LM2628
Maximum Lift with Minimum Stress on Truck Frame
Here's the twin-cylinder scissors hoist designed for today's increased-capacity truck bodies. The higher capacity rating increases usage range. Unique low-silhouette 4-way mounting options for maximum efficiency and fast mounting without cutting and boxing. Extensive use of high-strength steel has reduced weight without sacrificing performance or durability. Double-acting, power-up/power-down hydraulic cylinders permit precise load control; prevent kickback. Oil by-pass in each cylinder allows oil to return to tank rather than creating excessive pressures if control is accidently left in lift position. Maximum pressure is applied only when needed to lift the load. Two body props included as standard equipment. The LM2628 is built to Parkhurst quality standards, and is backed by a full one-year materials and workmanship warranty.
4-Way Mount

Simplies mounting...avoids most truck chassis crossmember problems and axle interference common with competitive hoists. Minimum interference with truck and body members because hoist is exclusively profiled to take the lease amount of space for the performance delivered. Mount height is lower; 13.5" in conventional position, as low as 9" in inverted position.


LM2628 Specifications
NTEA Class H
Recommended CA OR CT
108” – 204” CT
Capacity Example:
162” CT,20’ box @ 50° 22T
True Lift
Mounting Distance
40°….146”  50°….118”  45°….129 ¾”  55°….108 ½”
Internal Relief
Piston Rod
2 ¼” chromed
Seals on Piston
Polyurethane w/o-ring backup and 2 wear rings
 Seals on Shaft
Ploy pack w/wear ring
Operating Pressure
3500 psi up; 1500 psi down
Basic Construction
Formed Lift Arms
hi-strength I-beam construction
Tension Members
hi-strength bar and tube design
Linage Pivot Shaft
2 ¾” dia stressproof
Main Cross Tube
3 ¼” dia heavy wall tube
Crosshead Shaft
3 ¼” dia stressproof
Longbeam Shaft
2 ½” dia stressproof
Body Hinge Shaft
2” dia cold rolled shaft
Body Guides
Part of truck frame mount plus front mounted guides
Body Prop
Two included as standard equipment
Mounting Weight
9” to 13.5”
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